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The Official Girlfriend Application This application must be filled out in its entirety in order to be considered for the position that you are applying. Photographs or other attached documents may sway my opinion one way or the other feel free to attach anything you think may help you gain this position* Keep in mind that you must be completely honest while filling out this form* Your answers will be checked through Google MySpace Facebook and other methods I deem necessary. Any false...
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thank you for visiting tips one i'm support immigration advisor for almost twenty years today i'm going to speak to you and talk you through the online application for the UK visa it's three stages and i'm going to take you through all the three stages in this video online i'm going to show you the online application form how to open an account how to close the account and confirm and all the tricky questions on the application how to answer them and so I'm going to talk you all all the way through that if at the end of the video you found the information informative if you could give me a big big favor and subscribe it is free advice it is accurate advice like I said I've been doing it for 20 years so I'm now going to go to the online application please follow me so the first thing we have to do is open an account so we go to visa for UK fcuk and press a mod that will take us to the home page it says home welcome so what we need to do now is we need to register an account so we click here and here we ask for your name your details so we're going to open up the account I'm just going to do it to my name hope cords go to birth just going to make up a date of birth now I'm going to put myself as Russian hell the language you can put any help language you want obviously if you rush in you put Russian if you speak Spanish you put Spanish I'm going to use English right now the email address I'm going to use the call some media sorry about the delay some I'm going to confirm the email and then any number and your address post called country Russia and then you create a password and I agree the terms and conditions and that's the account registered and you'll now receive an email so as your registration details were created successfully you have been sent in eNOS are then log in to the email and interrogates typical I'm going to I'm going to put the video on hold for one minutes while we wait for the email to come because I cannot log in to the account until I have the email so we've now received the email at last I just take about two three minutes and once you receive the email you just click on this link here the visa for UK SEO good account confirmation registration click on that and it will bring you to here to login in our login and obviously you put in the email that you created and you put in the password that you created and your login right then you click apply for myself if you're applying for family members you can click apply for you know your children your husband friends or family you can apply for someone else but I'm going to apply for myself click here press continue says about false documents they do not supply false documents 10-year ban if you get caught always supply genuine documents if you cannot supply documents it not explain why and I'll give a good reason so because I'm applying for myself it already automatically fills in the...
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